For Bisexual Women Dating: Health Is As Important As Sex

It’s wonderful to have the chance to looking for threesome with a bisexual woman, and what is more pleasant is to find a ambiguous hotel for a one night stand. But sexually transmitted diseases are a serious threat to the health and safety of bisexual women.

My friend Ida, a bi woman too, 28 when she died. Yes, I can no longer message her again now. It’s all because of her sex without security measures, and she died of AIDS two years ago. So today when I find a photo of our school time, I decide to write this article for not only bisexual dating but also threesome chat. It’s really more dangerous and easier for women to be infected with venereal diseases. A stone wall survey related to lesbian and bisexual women found that 50% of participants eventually tested for sexually transmitted infections, including women who had sex in the last five years. Women may have sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes simplex and vaginal HPV, as well as problems that may arise after fluids change. Two menstruation girls may also be at high risk.healthy-lifestyle.jpg

A: Try to avoid oral sex

How could you believe that it’s the material cause of Ida’s death! Ida was asked to provide oral sex services for her ex-boyfriend, they did it without any hygiene and eventually they fall on evil days. So I suggest you use a dental dam. Dental dam is a latex or polyurethane, familiar with your back end or vaginal canal through oral sex, providing 15cmx15cm. It prevents transmission in the bedroom from different attacks.

B: Clean your partner and you without slight

Many bisexual women like to have sex without wasting one second, say no thing of clean themselves. Every adult will drop a lot of dandruff every day and make a lot of sweat. These things hold a lot of dust on people’s skin. The place where the genitals are located is more of the hotbed of bacteria, which greatly increase the opportunity for people to get sick.

C: Use condoms or birth control pills

Bisexual women are advised to have innocent sex with gentlemen and always use condoms. Sexually transmitted diseases and abortion are very serious injuries to the female body, so we have to mention the most important part – the use of condoms. Use contraceptives as little as possible and if you feel it is possible, get crises from pharmacies contraceptives, medical institutions, their loved ones to set up practices and some sexual institutions can be obtained.

D: Use lubricants or latex gloves

With water-based lubricants, latex gloves can also be used to avoid injury or infection due to dryness.

Only with a healthy body you enjoy the beauty of life, everybody like to have sex with healthy people. If you want find more hot bisexual dating, follow our tips you’ll become the most popular one.

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Meet Bisexual Girls, I Find My Freestyle

In the world, many people always praise the love of Romeo and Juliet. All bisexuals have to accept the truth that almost 95% people around the world are heterosexual. Though the number of bis is very few, but we bis also have the right to find our love, our perfect match. If someday, you meet the one, who are attracted to you and your heart raced uncontrollably. It’s time to grasp the opportunity and propose to her.21.jpg

About two months ago, I meet my lucky goddess, my soul mate-a bi woman Alisa on a bisexual dating site ‘meet bi girls’. It’s amazing that I could meet bisexual woman online, yes, you could not image how much effort I have spend on searching for bi girls on so many bi communities. This is not accidental, Alisa also have been looking for partners for long time. I examined his information carefully, and I eventually make sure she’s the one I always wanted all the time. My friends left me some comments on my Facebook when I posted her pictures with a word, “I love the baby”, my friend said to me that I’m crazy. I think I was really crazy.

To be honest, I’d tried to establish stable relationships with straight people. I failed, I didn’t meet someone who could accept my bisexuality label. Then I got a principle: To get a thorough understanding of oneself is to gain a correct view of oneself and be a sober realist — aware of both one’s strength and shortage. You may look forward hopefully to the future, but be sure not to expect too much, for ideals can never be fully realized.

I found my way of freestyle, Alisa and I talked for hours on the phone, and I flew from my city to her city. When I first met her at the cafe at the corner, she was so beautiful. I would never forgot the smiling girl walked past me and asked me, “Hi! Lucy, I am Alisa”, which is so wonderful for us. We talked about bisexuality and the experience on so many bi dating sites. We went shopping in the city and tasted the delicious. We have happy days to build our friendly and imitative relationship. From then on, we often get together to enjoy our time.

Will You Embrace Your Polyamory, Your True Sexual Self?

It was the most difficult things for me to show the real self to my boyfriend,Marc. I’m a bisexual women who want polyamory relationships. About three years ago, I sat down and have a conversation with him:”I think I’ll be bored if I just have sex with you for the next forty years.” But the truth that my life was built around monogamy frustrated me.

Maybe all cause of my nature, I needed something more in my emotional and sexual life. It was pleasing that he agreed to support me and planed to open our marriage to other partners, though he actually didn’t want to do like this. We started to rethink the best way to meet our needs on the one hand, protect our relationship on the other hand. Sex is a big part of a relationship, but it is only a part. We didn’t want it to scupper us.3s-13.jpg

If that sounds difficult, that’s it. If we don’t spend most of our marriage reading, talking, and exploring together, I don’t think we can do it. I quickly accepted the date and found another side of my sex life. I’ve registered a lot of bisexual dating sites where you will be asked about specific questions about yourself and your preferences. This is inspiring: Do I like this? Yes. Do I like that? OK, let’s see. They were questions that I had never been asked before, and never asked myself.

I began to believe that the traditional relationship is like a air lock. When you meet someone, it’s amazing and rare, and then you lock it; you close the door and window, and you desperately want to leave it only to yourself. Then the air is sour, because there is no oxygen. You may have made a sexual mistake on impulse, because you desire something – any contact. Why don’t you live in a place where you can have a connection, that spark?

I have a partner for two years now, Andrea. We work as a couple, but we have sex with friends, too. He is the only partner I introduce to my children. I love Andrea, and I’m lucky to have him, but I don’t want to live with him – we all look too much on our loneliness. He and I can flirt with others and ask their phone numbers, but sometimes I feel jealous. He’s gone away with another woman, yes, it’s hard.

You can set up your own polyamory relationship, but I’m not sure I want two or more than three other partners. I hope that the two people I’ve met recently will be lovers, but there is no impulse. People thought I had sex often, but it was not that simple. I want to establish an emotional and spiritual connection with someone, so it takes time to build this relationship.

Monogamy, meanwhile, feels more like a competition where you need to bag someone before anyone else does. None of that applies in a poly setup, which is incredibly liberating. Think how strange it would be to have only one friend. You can’t get everything from one platonic relationship. Why would you try with one lover?

But this is a challenge: you have violated the mainstream cultural rules, and it is very difficult for you, regardless of the support of the existing partners. Most importantly, the amount of work to maintain the relationship between the sexes and the Platon relationship is huge.

Andrea and I look to the future, but there is no expectation. We are part of a wider community, and we think it is more important to develop this. I don’t think I’m sitting on a park bench at 80 with another person. I want to be part of a group of people, a community. We seem to want a panacea. A God. A partner. But life is multidimensional.

Lesbian and Bi Women: The Differences You didn’t Notice

When some people hear or see two women embracing or kissing, they are identified as lesbians. The reason is obvious that she loves a woman. If you judge this way, you are wrong, because they may be bisexual women. This is just a common bisexual dating of her because she will hug and kiss, or even sex next time. So how do we distinguish a woman from a lesbian or a bisexual?21820036_718594311682844_2847969767183089664_n.jpg

The difference between lesbians and bisexuality in sexual orientation is the most obvious. Lesbians are only attractive to another woman but they do not have any sexual attraction to men, and they even hate contact with the opposite sex. Different women and gay is bisexual, she has a very good impression of a woman, also have a very good impression of a man, sometimes you may see her was very close to a women in a period of time, but in another time see she had a very intimate relationship with a man and you will know that she is a bisexual woman.

A lesbian friend may be confined to a gay woman or a male friend, and there is no bisexual woman or a hermaphrodite in his circle of friends, which is almost impossible because she has a social group of social groups. But if you look closely at bisexual women or bi dating, you will find that their social software, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram or VK, will pay attention to many double dates or three friends or communities. In ordinary life, women and men are both very wide friends, both men, dating with women, and sometimes even a 3some dating.

If you want to make friends with a bisexual woman, you must first understand their sexual orientation, different from lesbians, and communicate with them from their perspective. Don’t try to refute them or label them with a lesbian. It’s not a smart thing to do. When you are with bisexuality, you should pay special attention to the existence of bisexuality at any time.

Find 3some Dating: Women Love It Too

I don’t know if other women enjoy 3some dating, but I really like it. There is a story that is shared with you on the basis of a real experience.

I’m a BI woman from Feinikesi, 28, a bank clerk with a good income. However, I am a woman who is very eager to make love in my private life. I got married three times. The first marriage failed, because the first husband did not accept, I thought he could bring me a happy


bisexuality, and finally we broke up. Because of my second husbands’ concern to me, I married Jone, and he was ten years older than me. But I came to find that I had sex in the winter because Jone was diagnosed with ED. It was the most difficult time for me. 3some dating was just a dream, and finally we got divorced, even though it was full of guilt. Finally, I married my present husband, Steve, and my boss. He respects my bisexuality and gives me more sexual pleasure. Even if I told him I wanted 3P to date with other two girls or double men or couples, he always agreed. I just sent my child to school on Sunday. Steve told me that next weekend we were going to Losangeles for a holiday, and he prepared a gift for me.

n June 6th, we came to Losangeles by plane. It was a beautiful city. We listened to a concert and watched a love film, which made me find the feeling of first love. The night when we went back to the hotel, I found a man wearing a bathrobe lying on our bed to watch TV, it makes me very surprised, I told my husband to hurry to call 911, but her husband did not, he took my hand and said, this is his gift to me, tonight, let’s have a 3some romantic date. The man came out and told me that his name was Mike, a BI man in Losangeles. Mike knows my husband through a 3some site. I was so excited to hug and kiss my husband and tell him I love him.

After the stimulation of alcohol, I gradually felt the heat on my body and took off the thin coat. I remember clearly that Mike stared at my figure, what I thought would happen, for years, a real 3some date. After drinking, the three of us quietly left the living room and came to our bedroom. In sex, I’m like a slut, and I often ask two strong men for sexual pleasure. I remember clearly that I climbed six times this evening. After that, I caught two people who made me sleep comfortably.

Because many people ask me if I like 3some dating as a woman. I always tell them that when you are going to 3some, you want to date 3some.

Bi Dating Apps for Your Dating, It Can be Workable

Many new bi young people’s biggest challenges they encountered when they reach adulthood was learning the way to date other bisexual friends as an adult. It’s not weird at all to tell the truth, especially for those guys who are very shy to say any words with others. On paper,it’s so easy; join a group, club, or some other organizations that you could find people with similar interests, but the result may always be disappointing.


Just like me, when I look at somebody’s eyes at my talking, it makes me breathe so heavily. But when I was new to the city, I was particularly interested in making friends in the LGBTQ+ community, I’m so confused to find the key to open my way. I really should thanks to these social dating apps, I really had to say it’s useful that helped me to find my relationships. But looking for a long-term friendship is what I’m looking for is not a woof or right slip, at least not to start. This is not to say that no one in those apps is looking for friends, but when I use these applications, I have to adjust my way of thinking so as to develop more long-term friendship.

To tell you the truth, this trip is much harder than I thought. I have to relearn how to use these types of applications. It can be traced back to the time when I was in the cupboard. I really didn’t have any LGBTQ + friends. I even saw people sending messages on those applications. My spine began to tremble. For fear of being exposed by those I have seen, I avoid these potential friendships at all costs when using these applications.

It also gives me a different mindset. Every time I talk through these applications, all of these conversations are at a cost, or they only talk with people who are interested. As a person who hasn’t gone out yet, I mainly chat with others who don’t come out, so that if we meet each other outside and around, we can easily accept each other.

However, I envied those who boldly displayed their faces in their own files, and finally, I came out to be a member of them. It’s easy to change my personal data, but “it’s not a space to make friends” mentality needs a longer time to get rid of; until I move to the city, I really tried, and today I have only one regret: I didn’t do it faster.

Committed to the establishment of friendship, the bisexual dating app caused so much opportunity for friendship than found in my own: I joined the LGBTQ alliance, explore new bars and restaurants, and eventually created a wonderful and diverse group of new friends, make my life more pleasant city. Once I abandoned all the preconceived ideas I had on everyone on the app, I got a more valuable experience. What I did was just a simple but profound change.

Different Perspectives: Bisexual and Straight

I’m going to tell the story of Lili in the first person. It’s her lessons from a dating with a bisexual guy. And may you have some inspiration from her story.

The breakup was awful. I deceived him for a few months and lied. At last, I told him the truth, answered his inquiries of me repeatedly, the last decisive “yes”, but we were still locked in the poisonous way to return and abuse each other for a month.

I finally regretted it. I needed to tell him I’m sorry, he needed to tell me how much I hurt him. We all need a hug. From that day on, I rethought the lesson that this relationship gave me, and what I learned from him, because he was bisexual.120.jpg

Bisexuals are not easy to derail

I’m a lair, not him. Of course, he may have more technical options than I do. He is attracted to men and women, but I can only be attracted to men. It’s not more mixed or unreliable that his bi makes things unpredictable. It’s far worse. In fact, he can’t stand monogamy and loyalty to this fault. It made him heartache, because he wanted to date me: a bisexual man had no monogamy tendency, too immature to say, “Hey, I’m not really looking for a sexual relationship.”

A strange concept still exists here, that is, a person who is attracted by many kinds of sex will inevitably Miss sexual relations with people who are not sleeping at present, so they will cheat. Even if a bi person cheats, there is almost no evidence that bisexuality makes people cheat. No evidence of cheating is more than that of cheating. Most importantly, it proves that the swindlers are not yet fit for a monogamy date.

Bisexuality is true

Yes, he was really attracted to men and women. He claims that bisexuality is not a transitional stage or a middle homosexual.

I understand where this misunderstanding comes from. Many gay men, including myself, claim to be bisexual, which is the first step out of our wardrobe. We were afraid to hold the door handle all the time and carefully say, “we are here.”

Unfortunately, for my ex boyfriend and other bisexual men and women, we use these bisexual identity as “halfway house” who contributed to a negative concept of universal any that are actually bisexual male homosexual man is a fragile, half hearted or a lesbian. That’s why so many bisexuals – my predecessor, including the LGBT movement, was excluded.

You can’t be nervous when they look at pornography

I looked at lesbian pornography the night before, which made me uncomfortable. I’ve been thinking, oh, no! I can’t give him this. He’s going to date a girl after that. This is childish, but this feeling is understandable: he is obviously attracted by what I can’t offer him. I’m worried that the unfulfilled desire will make him seek satisfaction elsewhere.

First of all, pornography is a fantasy. Though very few, I will not try one time or two times. When I look at pornography and sometimes I describe things, I will hesitate to try in real life. As a result, the action of watching does not necessarily translate into a prediction of what someone will do later. Even if anyone (any direction) wants to go out to satisfy this desire, if they are a good companion, they will talk with you first, and see what you want to accommodate. If you are a good partner, you will listen to them and don’t get upset or defensive at once.

How to find out bi women who’s in the closet.

In life, maybe we will encounter such a situation: we may meet bisexual friends, some are female friends, some are male friends. But sometimes they may hide their true sexual orientation. We can’t be sure whether they are real bisexuals, especially some bisexual women. It is impolite to ask them the question directly, and it is more difficult to know the truth if they choose not to come out. At that time, we need to use other methods to determine that they may be a bisexual woman.

Pay attention to whether she is interested in other women. If she is interested in other women and likes to enjoy their body or others, she may be bisexual. Of course, it’s just possible, maybe it’s curious that other women have feelings or others. It is worth mentioning that many bisexual women are not really much of their sexual orientation is interesting, that is to say, they don’t know you are bisexual, this situation is not uncommon in our daily life, while the society is becoming more and more open, but in general, it is hard to admit your bisexual orientation.

Make sure she is always bisexual in other women. If she likes some bisexual dating sites, find other women, or chat with other women, such as chatting rooms or even other women, so you can be sure that she is absolutely interested in women. At this time, you can see her social software. If her photos are male photos and closely related to women, these phenomena can indicate that she is a bisexual woman.

Of course, if you find that the female friends around you are bisexuals, you’d better not ask them to prove themselves. Many bis are not ready to get out of the closet to have bisexual dating, and even plan to stay in the closet forever. Women are usually more difficult to choose than men, so it is the first to respect their own choices.

Do You Know that Bisexual Men Make Better Lovers, Fathers, and Partners?

What the title said is not just a personal guesswork of mine? It’s the title of a book published by Dr. Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli, of Deakin University. It was written to let bi women and bi men correct their stereotyped image in bisexual dating things.

Now we can discuss it with a cup of tea. In this book, she discussed the results of interviews with 78 women who were both dating, married, or dating bisexual men. She explored the extra challenges in the book, and the interests of women received bisexuality. In doing so, she eliminated the vicious stereotypes about bisexual men, and made a more realistic and meticulous description of bisexual men and heterosexual women.

I am very happy to talk with Maria, so that we can better understand her research results and find out the consequences of her research on bisexual men and dating women.16.jpg

Zachary Zane: tell us a little about your research questions and what do you want to explore in your research?

Maria Pallotta Chiarolli: of course. I have a partner, Sara Lubowitz, who is in the network of gender partners AIDS Committee of the operation of the New South Wales woman. She realized the need for women to gather together to talk about the positive, problematic, and various experiences of their male partners. Sara and I decided to set up a team and start asking questions. We want to see a variety of stereotypes: all bisexual men have HIV virus, they are sleeping, they are actually homosexual. All these types of things.

They finally interviewed 78 women. Most of them were identified as heterosexual, although some were identified as bisexuals and lesbians. These women are diverse from different regions of Australia. Age 19~65. One thing they want to do is to distinguish women who once had sex with a gay man. They have done a lot of research and have a bisexual man. It is true that some women’s partners are identified as homosexual, but they happen to fall in love with this special woman and want to share their life with that woman.

First, they found that so many women stated that their bisexual partners made better husbands, fathers, and lovers, but there were some women who were experiencing incredible violence and issues of misogyny. One example was of a man who basically married his female partner to cover his same-sex attractions. He did, however, go overseas and bring his male partner back. He threatened her not to say anything to their religious and ethnic community, and she basically became their housekeeper and mother of his children.

Interestingly, especially if the women came from more conservative and fundamental religions, the women took on this gendered idea that they, as the women, had to keep their family together at all costs. Putting up with the abuse and burden. These women also felt they had no one they could talk to who wouldn’t judge them.

Yes, absolutely. This is the problem. The ones who were closeted, according to their partners, were so repressed and were trying so hard to live up to this straight masculine ideal. If they were out, they already had been forced to or had always wanted to divest themselves from those types of constructs of “being a man.” So they [the bisexual men] were like, “Well I’m in this relationship, and I don’t want to buy into what women call straight baggage.” It’s not like these men didn’t have baggage of their own. Often times, they experienced awful discrimination, but they had already faced their internalized homophobia prior to coming out. They had already shed themselves of the societal construct of what it means to be a man.

Is Polyamorous a Unique Feature of Bisexuals?

Bisexuality and polyamory are two separate identities. One does not cause the other. But it’s disappointed to know that most of the straight and some of the bis do believe that bi folks would like to maintain a romantic relationship with more than one person at the same time. Though some of the bisexual dating just like threesome dating can be called, the rest of them is fine.There are many straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual people who are polyamorous, just as there are many who are not.


And now let’s listen to some Interviewees’ answer:

A: I am! My wife is! The men we date are! But, no, not all bisexuals are polyamorous. I wish.

You see, my wife and I have been dating bi men together, with the intention of finding “a third,” a mutual husband. The number of attractive eligible guys who would be interested, but who are monogamous and therefore, uninterested in a couple, is staggering. It’s discouraging for us. But for the other monogamous folks out there, it’s good news.

Variety is the spice of life, right? Bi folks come in all shapes and sizes, monogamous and poly. I have many bi friends who are as true to their monogamous partners as any. If I could turn them to the dark side, I would. BELIEVE ME. 🙂

B: I’m bisexual and NOT polyamorous. I can’t even imagine that kind of lifestyle. When I think of having to split my time, as a lover, between my husband and someone else, I know I couldn’t do it, even if I wanted to. I don’t want to share my husband, and he definitely doesn’t want to share me.

C: ABSOLUTELY NOT! I am bisexual and very much monogamous. I have read tons on the topic of polyamory and I don’t personally believe in polyamory or open relationships. I feel that if you are in a “committed” relationship, the focus should be on continuously strengthening that relationship, not adding extra players. “RelationSHIPS sink when there are too many passengers.”

For me, physical monogamy and emotional monogamy go hand in hand.

D: Let me begin by saying I am in a traid(a three person household: my girlfriend, our boyfriend, and myself).

D: Let me begin by saying I am in a traid (a three person household: my girlfriend, our boyfriend), and for us poly works very well. We are in a committed relationship, and feel that our commitment is no different than a two person relationship.

The three of us are committed emotionally and physically, and are no different than any other family. We have our ups and downs, good times and bad. We realize we are a family and work things out.

That being said, not all bisexuals are poly, just as not all straight couples are poly.