How to find out bi women who’s in the closet.

In life, maybe we will encounter such a situation: we may meet bisexual friends, some are female friends, some are male friends. But sometimes they may hide their true sexual orientation. We can’t be sure whether they are real bisexuals, especially some bisexual women. It is impolite to ask them the question directly, and it is more difficult to know the truth if they choose not to come out. At that time, we need to use other methods to determine that they may be a bisexual woman.

Pay attention to whether she is interested in other women. If she is interested in other women and likes to enjoy their body or others, she may be bisexual. Of course, it’s just possible, maybe it’s curious that other women have feelings or others. It is worth mentioning that many bisexual women are not really much of their sexual orientation is interesting, that is to say, they don’t know you are bisexual, this situation is not uncommon in our daily life, while the society is becoming more and more open, but in general, it is hard to admit your bisexual orientation.

Make sure she is always bisexual in other women. If she likes some bisexual dating sites, find other women, or chat with other women, such as chatting rooms or even other women, so you can be sure that she is absolutely interested in women. At this time, you can see her social software. If her photos are male photos and closely related to women, these phenomena can indicate that she is a bisexual woman.

Of course, if you find that the female friends around you are bisexuals, you’d better not ask them to prove themselves. Many bis are not ready to get out of the closet to have bisexual dating, and even plan to stay in the closet forever. Women are usually more difficult to choose than men, so it is the first to respect their own choices.


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