Find 3some Dating: Women Love It Too

I don’t know if other women enjoy 3some dating, but I really like it. There is a story that is shared with you on the basis of a real experience.

I’m a BI woman from Feinikesi, 28, a bank clerk with a good income. However, I am a woman who is very eager to make love in my private life. I got married three times. The first marriage failed, because the first husband did not accept, I thought he could bring me a happy


bisexuality, and finally we broke up. Because of my second husbands’ concern to me, I married Jone, and he was ten years older than me. But I came to find that I had sex in the winter because Jone was diagnosed with ED. It was the most difficult time for me. 3some dating was just a dream, and finally we got divorced, even though it was full of guilt. Finally, I married my present husband, Steve, and my boss. He respects my bisexuality and gives me more sexual pleasure. Even if I told him I wanted 3P to date with other two girls or double men or couples, he always agreed. I just sent my child to school on Sunday. Steve told me that next weekend we were going to Losangeles for a holiday, and he prepared a gift for me.

n June 6th, we came to Losangeles by plane. It was a beautiful city. We listened to a concert and watched a love film, which made me find the feeling of first love. The night when we went back to the hotel, I found a man wearing a bathrobe lying on our bed to watch TV, it makes me very surprised, I told my husband to hurry to call 911, but her husband did not, he took my hand and said, this is his gift to me, tonight, let’s have a 3some romantic date. The man came out and told me that his name was Mike, a BI man in Losangeles. Mike knows my husband through a 3some site. I was so excited to hug and kiss my husband and tell him I love him.

After the stimulation of alcohol, I gradually felt the heat on my body and took off the thin coat. I remember clearly that Mike stared at my figure, what I thought would happen, for years, a real 3some date. After drinking, the three of us quietly left the living room and came to our bedroom. In sex, I’m like a slut, and I often ask two strong men for sexual pleasure. I remember clearly that I climbed six times this evening. After that, I caught two people who made me sleep comfortably.

Because many people ask me if I like 3some dating as a woman. I always tell them that when you are going to 3some, you want to date 3some.


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