Lesbian and Bi Women: The Differences You didn’t Notice

When some people hear or see two women embracing or kissing, they are identified as lesbians. The reason is obvious that she loves a woman. If you judge this way, you are wrong, because they may be bisexual women. This is just a common bisexual dating of her because she will hug and kiss, or even sex next time. So how do we distinguish a woman from a lesbian or a bisexual?21820036_718594311682844_2847969767183089664_n.jpg

The difference between lesbians and bisexuality in sexual orientation is the most obvious. Lesbians are only attractive to another woman but they do not have any sexual attraction to men, and they even hate contact with the opposite sex. Different women and gay is bisexual, she has a very good impression of a woman, also have a very good impression of a man, sometimes you may see her was very close to a women in a period of time, but in another time see she had a very intimate relationship with a man and you will know that she is a bisexual woman.

A lesbian friend may be confined to a gay woman or a male friend, and there is no bisexual woman or a hermaphrodite in his circle of friends, which is almost impossible because she has a social group of social groups. But if you look closely at bisexual women or bi dating, you will find that their social software, such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram or VK, will pay attention to many double dates or three friends or communities. In ordinary life, women and men are both very wide friends, both men, dating with women, and sometimes even a 3some dating.

If you want to make friends with a bisexual woman, you must first understand their sexual orientation, different from lesbians, and communicate with them from their perspective. Don’t try to refute them or label them with a lesbian. It’s not a smart thing to do. When you are with bisexuality, you should pay special attention to the existence of bisexuality at any time.


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