Meet Bisexual Girls, I Find My Freestyle

In the world, many people always praise the love of Romeo and Juliet. All bisexuals have to accept the truth that almost 95% people around the world are heterosexual. Though the number of bis is very few, but we bis also have the right to find our love, our perfect match. If someday, you meet the one, who are attracted to you and your heart raced uncontrollably. It’s time to grasp the opportunity and propose to her.21.jpg

About two months ago, I meet my lucky goddess, my soul mate-a bi woman Alisa on a bisexual dating site ‘meet bi girls’. It’s amazing that I could meet bisexual woman online, yes, you could not image how much effort I have spend on searching for bi girls on so many bi communities. This is not accidental, Alisa also have been looking for partners for long time. I examined his information carefully, and I eventually make sure she’s the one I always wanted all the time. My friends left me some comments on my Facebook when I posted her pictures with a word, “I love the baby”, my friend said to me that I’m crazy. I think I was really crazy.

To be honest, I’d tried to establish stable relationships with straight people. I failed, I didn’t meet someone who could accept my bisexuality label. Then I got a principle: To get a thorough understanding of oneself is to gain a correct view of oneself and be a sober realist — aware of both one’s strength and shortage. You may look forward hopefully to the future, but be sure not to expect too much, for ideals can never be fully realized.

I found my way of freestyle, Alisa and I talked for hours on the phone, and I flew from my city to her city. When I first met her at the cafe at the corner, she was so beautiful. I would never forgot the smiling girl walked past me and asked me, “Hi! Lucy, I am Alisa”, which is so wonderful for us. We talked about bisexuality and the experience on so many bi dating sites. We went shopping in the city and tasted the delicious. We have happy days to build our friendly and imitative relationship. From then on, we often get together to enjoy our time.


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