For Bisexual Women Dating: Health Is As Important As Sex

It’s wonderful to have the chance to looking for threesome with a bisexual woman, and what is more pleasant is to find a ambiguous hotel for a one night stand. But sexually transmitted diseases are a serious threat to the health and safety of bisexual women.

My friend Ida, a bi woman too, 28 when she died. Yes, I can no longer message her again now. It’s all because of her sex without security measures, and she died of AIDS two years ago. So today when I find a photo of our school time, I decide to write this article for not only bisexual dating but also threesome chat. It’s really more dangerous and easier for women to be infected with venereal diseases. A stone wall survey related to lesbian and bisexual women found that 50% of participants eventually tested for sexually transmitted infections, including women who had sex in the last five years. Women may have sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes simplex and vaginal HPV, as well as problems that may arise after fluids change. Two menstruation girls may also be at high risk.healthy-lifestyle.jpg

A: Try to avoid oral sex

How could you believe that it’s the material cause of Ida’s death! Ida was asked to provide oral sex services for her ex-boyfriend, they did it without any hygiene and eventually they fall on evil days. So I suggest you use a dental dam. Dental dam is a latex or polyurethane, familiar with your back end or vaginal canal through oral sex, providing 15cmx15cm. It prevents transmission in the bedroom from different attacks.

B: Clean your partner and you without slight

Many bisexual women like to have sex without wasting one second, say no thing of clean themselves. Every adult will drop a lot of dandruff every day and make a lot of sweat. These things hold a lot of dust on people’s skin. The place where the genitals are located is more of the hotbed of bacteria, which greatly increase the opportunity for people to get sick.

C: Use condoms or birth control pills

Bisexual women are advised to have innocent sex with gentlemen and always use condoms. Sexually transmitted diseases and abortion are very serious injuries to the female body, so we have to mention the most important part – the use of condoms. Use contraceptives as little as possible and if you feel it is possible, get crises from pharmacies contraceptives, medical institutions, their loved ones to set up practices and some sexual institutions can be obtained.

D: Use lubricants or latex gloves

With water-based lubricants, latex gloves can also be used to avoid injury or infection due to dryness.

Only with a healthy body you enjoy the beauty of life, everybody like to have sex with healthy people. If you want find more hot bisexual dating, follow our tips you’ll become the most popular one.

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